Colchester Zoo animals


Discover over 180 species of animals at Colchester Zoo and learn about things you might not have seen or heard before. 

The animals and birds at the Zoo Colchester are showcased in 35 different enclosures, each imitating the creature’s natural habitat. 

This article shares a list of animals you can see at Colchester Zoo.

Aardvark Burrow 

Meet the expert diggers – Aardvark Burrow, and see how deep burrows they’ve dug so far!

At this exhibit, you will also find Rock Hyrax, or Rock Rabbits, whose favorite thing to do is sunbathing. 

Australian Rainbows

Keep your head up to spot the colorful and charming Rainbow Lorikeet, whose one glimpse will leave you amazed.

Rainbow Lorikeets completely justify their name with bright red beaks, blue bellies and heads, red and yellow chests, and a mix of green, yellow, and orange wings. 

Bears of the Rising Sun

Native to tropical forests of Southeast Asia, Sun Bears have yellowish crescent marking on their chest, which looks like a rising or setting sun, from where they get their name. 

Since Sun Bears are very fond of eating honey, they are also called Honey Bears. 

Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild is home to Grey wolves who travel in packs (in groups) as they love socializing and mingling. 

Grey Wolves have been shown as notorious villains in many movies, stories, and fairy tales, but that doesn’t steal their tag of being elegant, clever, and intelligent creatures. 

Chimpanzee Lookout

Chimpanzee Lookout houses two male and three female Chimpanzees, and these chimps are very interactive and social. 

This exhibit also has an African Slender-Snouted Crocodile, whom you will mostly find bathing in the pool.

Colenso Village

Colenso Village is a colony of Goats and Sheep located in Familiar Friends.

Learn more about the village culture at this African village-themed walkthrough and get a chance to feed the Goats and Sheep.

Dragons of Komodo

Watch the largest surviving lizard in the world – Komodo Dragon, whose armored scaly skin and long tail might scare you a little. 

Colchester Zoo is one of the fewest zoos in the UK that keeps Dragon Komodo in captivity. 

Edge of Africa

Edge into the Edge of Africa, home to some of the most magnificent species – Cheetahs, Spotted Hyenas, Mandrills, Red River Hogs, Warthogs, African Crowned Crane, Kirk’s Dik-Dik, Blue Duiker, and other smaller African species.

Elephant Kingdom

Step into the Elephant Kingdom, a territory where you can encounter giant and elegant African Elephants.

Colchester Zoo has four elephants – one male and three females. 

The Elephant Kingdom is the most loved, visited, and busiest exhibit at Colchester Zoo because of its unique and impressive design and construction. 

The enclosure has a large outdoor paddock area, a pool area, a waterfall, and a night stall where Elephants can rest. 

Familiar Friends

Visit Familiar Friends, where you will find Donkeys, Alpacas, Llamas, Colenso Village Goats and Sheep, and Bennett’s Wallaby of Wallaby Walkabout walkthrough.

Purchase food at the zoo and feed the animals at Familiar Friends with your own hands. 

Feathers of the Forest

Feathers of the Forest walkthrough exhibit houses the amazing Victoria Crowned Pigeon and the Crested Wood Partridge.

On this walkthrough, you see birds closely, bringing you closer to nature and wildlife.  

Gelada Plateau

Visit Gelada Plateau and watch Gelada Baboons plucking and munching grasses on the Gelada bridge.

From above, you can also spot a flock of Chilean Flamingos and playful Lemurs in their walkthrough enclosure, Lost Madagascar.

Guinea Pig Village

Meet the furry and cute Guinea Pigs in the brand new Guinea Pig Village in the Familiar Friends area and hear them wheek-wheek!

Iguana Forest

The Iguana Forest walkthrough introduces you to the world of reptiles. 

You can find Iguanas and Turtles here at Colchester Zoo’s Iguana Forest.

Inca Trail

Inca Trail is an abode of a large group of Humboldt Penguins. 

You can also spot Saki Monkeys at the top of the enclosure, near the upper viewing platform.

Island Dwellers

Island Dwellers is an enclosure where you can see two endangered Philippine species, the Visayan Warty Pig and Philippine Spotted Deer. 

The two species live together in harmony, enjoying each other’s company to the fullest. 

Kingdom of the Wild

Kingdom of the Wild is the Kingdom of a range of African species like Giraffes, Maneless Zebras, White Rhino, Ostriches, African Crowned Crane, and Greater Kudu.

The inside area of this exhibit houses Pygmy Hippos, a variety of reptiles, invertebrates, and fish species.

If you exit through the ground floor of the building, you can discover African vulture aviary housing, White-Backed Vultures, and Ruppells Griffon Vultures.

Koi Niwa

Catch sights of living jewels of the ocean, Koi Carp fishes in the Koi Niwa enclosure. 

Leopards at Ussuri Falls

At Ussuri Falls, watch Colchester Zoo’s two beautiful Amur Leopards, one female and one male, and the pair’s offspring.

Amur Leopards differ from other Leaopords due to their beautiful pale coats and dark rosettes, which are large and widely spaced with thick, unbroken rings.

Lion Rock

Meet the wildest beast of African forests, Lions, at the Lion Rock. 

Learn more about them from the Colchester Zoo Keepers at the interactive sessions. 

Lost Madagascar

Lost Madagascar is Colchester Zoo’s small island of Madagascar Lemurs, such as Black and White Ruffed Lemurs, Crowned Lemurs, Red-bellied Lemurs, and Ring-tailed Lemurs. 

Lost Madagascar Lemur Walkthrough houses free-moving primates, so you can watch them leap around!

Meddelin Monkeys

Meddelin Monkeys enclosure is next to Ussuri Falls (Leopards) and is a residence of troops of Colombian Black Spider Monkeys.

Black Spider Monkeys are very social and love to swing on tree branches and bask in the broad sunlight. 

Otter Creek 

Head to Otter Creek to meet a group of Smooth-Coated Otters. 

Otter Creek enclosure includes a large pool area, a large natural wetland area, and a heated rock for those chilly days.

Out of Africa

Out of Africa enclosure is home to L’Hoest’s Monkeys, whose black bodies, white ruff frames of the face, and orange-colored eyes make them look attractive. 

You can also find seat-boned Barbary Macaques (another species of Monkeys) here.

Playa Patagonia

Get nose to nose with Patagonian Sea Lions, also known as the South America Sea Lion (not to be confused with seals) at Playa Patagonia. 

Playa Patagonia is an underwater tunnel storing gallons of water where you can interact with Patagonian Sea Lions through glasses. 

Rajang’s Forest 

Rajang’s Forest is home to Tiga, a male Orangutan, and two females, mum, Mali, and daughter, Tatau.

The area also features a range of Asian fish and reptiles, including a species of Freshwater Turtle, the Asian Giant Pond Turtle.

Suricata Sands

At Suricata Sands, you can see Slender Tailed Meerkats, the heroes of popular movies like “Catch It” and “The Lion King.” 

Your kids will surely love visiting this animal enclosure as they see the Timon from The Lion King movie come alive!

The Pig Patch

Meet Colchester Zoo Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs at The Pig Patch, located between Familiar Friends and Sensation Station.

These pigs are one of the oldest breeds of British pigs. 

Tiger Taiga

Tiger Taiga houses three female Amur tigers, Anoushka, Taiga, and Tatana.

The Amur tigers, also known as the Siberian tigers, are the largest of the five remaining tiger species and the largest of all the big cats.

Vulture Valley

Vulture Valley is situated alongside the paddock near the exit of the Kingdom of the Wild enclosure.

This African vulture aviary houses White-Backed Vultures and Ruppells Griffon Vultures.

Walking Giants

Walking Giants enclosure is home to two of the four biggest tortoise species in the world – Aldabra Giant and African Spurred Tortoises.

The enclosure has an indoor area to protect tortoises during the cold and an outdoor space to soak in the sun during warm days.

Wallaby Walkabout

Wallaby Walkabout is situated within Familiar Friends and lets you get really close to a group of hoppers, Bennett’s Wallabies.

The Wallabies like to bathe in the sun and inspect every visitor who comes to see them. 

Wilds of Asia

The Wilds of Asia section is an abode of many rare and endangered Asian species, such as Giant Anteater, Binturong, Wreathed Hornbill, Asian Short-clawed Otter, Emerald Tree Monitor, Burmese Python, Lion-Tailed Macaque, and Red Panda. 

World of Wings

Spread your arms at the World of Wings exhibit to embrace the beauty of the Andean Condor, Great Grey Owl, and King Vulture species.

Worlds Apart

The Worlds Apart exhibit houses ten enclosures, including an open viewing enclosure and a small walkthrough primate enclosure. 

The animals found at Worlds Apart are Fiji Banded Iguana, Rhinoceros Iguana, Green Anaconda, Pied Tamarin, Linne’s two-toed Sloth, Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin, Coppery Titi Monkey, and Southern Tamandua. 

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