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What if you are about to arrive at Colchester Zoo’s Australian Rainbows exhibit, and suddenly your kid wants to go to the washroom? Or announce that they are hungry and can’t take a step forward?

Colchester Zoo is a massive wildlife attraction with over 5000 animals sheltered in different animal enclosures spread over 60 acres of land.

Exploring it without the help of a map can be difficult.

Map of Colchester Zoo

Download map of Colchester Zoo (1.1 Mb)

Besides helping with the animal exhibits, Colchester Zoo’s map will help you locate toilets, restaurants, picnic areas, designated smoking areas, wheelchair, and scooter hire stations, hand sanitizing stations, baby feeding facilities, etc.

The best part about having a physical map of the zoo (or having it on your mobile) is that you no longer need to look for the wardens to show you the way.

With a better understanding of the Colchester Zoo’s layout, you can create an itinerary prioritizing which animal enclosure and attraction you’d visit first and plan your animal encounters and experiences accordingly. 

Colchester Zoo app

Want to make the most out of your Colchester Zoo trip? Download the Colchester Zoo app now!

The wildlife attraction’s mobile app is available both for Apple and Android devices.

Key features of the Colchester Zoo App include:

  • Get easy and quick access to the Zoo Colchester map.
  • Read and learn interesting facts about the species you encounter at the zoo.
  • Listen to the Animal Care Team audio talks as they tell you more about selected species and the animals they care.
  • Locate the nearest food outlet, toilet facilities, and play areas to make the most of your journey around the zoo.
  • Keep up to date on offers available at the zoo.
  • Enable push notifications to receive safety reminders and updates from the zoo on the day of your visit.

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